Natasha Walter


Living Dolls

Living Dolls: The Return of Sexism by Natasha Walter

'A must-read' The Guardian

“This is an important book... Walter has started a discussion that needs to take place not just between women, but between all of us,” Sarah Vine, The Times

“Living Dolls, written with a spare and spirited elegance, has particular weight... I am wholly convinced: the sooner we all take on this battle, the better.” Melissa Benn, The Independent

“The coolly devastating precision of her second book, Living Dolls: the Return of Sexism, is all the more potent for its patient description of a viciously misogynistic culture.... a call to revolution that kicks Nuts magazine right in the nuts,” Bidisha, The New Statesman

“It is when focusing on our hypersexualised culture that Walter truly shines.... a wonderfully written, fantastically reported book,” Jessica Valenti, The Observer

“Elegant and thought-provoking” Antonia Senior, The Times

“Required reading for everyone who cares about our humanity, and that means all of us,” Kathy Sheridan, The Irish Times

“Natasha Walter's gripping new book, Living Dolls: The Return of Sexism... does a wonderful job of bringing into sharp focus a sea change that's been creeping up on us over the past decade,” Amy Jenkins, The Independent

“Excellent” Allison Pearson, The Daily Mail

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The New Feminism by Natasha Walter

Praise for “The New Feminism”
'It will inspire a new generation of women' Anna Murphy, Observer

'At her spirited best, she is a symbol...of power and confidence, and a hopeful sign of new feminist stories in a more egalitarian future' Elaine Showalter, Guardian

'Astute and impressive' Elle

'Lively, intelligent and independent' Frances Spalding, The Sunday Times

'Forceful and accessible...Here is a book with challenging arguments, provocative statements and clarion calls to action, written with passion, courage and good humour' Michele Roberts, Independent on Sunday

'THE NEW FEMINISM is a happy, celebratory affair, and everyone is invited... Walter is passionate, and right about most everything' Isabel Fonseca, Independent

'THE NEW FEMINISM ricochets with dynamic ideas, boasting a breadth of vision and irrestistible panache that is, quite simply, to die for' Deirdre Molloy, The List 

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